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Netanyahu: The toughest epidemic we’ve seen since the Middle Ages

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave an interview to Channel 13 News on Saturday night, in which he discussed the coronavirus crisis and said that “if there is no choice – we will impose fines on civilians or go to a full closure.”

“We are in the midst of the toughest epidemic we have seen since the Middle Ages,” Netanyahu clarified.

“Most countries are on the verge of losing control, including advanced countries such as Germany, France – and soon the United States as well. There are currently countries with huge shortages, and we are relatively well off.”

On the political issue, Netanyahu made it clear, “Benny Gantz said – Israel comes first, it’s not [Yair] Lapid comes first. Lapid wants Lapid to come first. The responsibility is on all of us. If Benny Gantz wants to be in charge, he has to do his part. He has to decide – but Yair Lapid has to join as well, Amir Peretz will join as well. Everyone will join – except for the Joint List. Unequivocally.”

In a separate interview with Channel 12 News on Saturday night, Netanyahu said that all that was left was to sign an agreement that would lead to a unity government. He added that it was agreed upon that he would serve as Prime Minister for a year and a half and then Gantz would take over.

“An agreement has been reached with Blue and White. All details with the exception of the document’s signing have been decided,” Netanyahu said.

“As part of the [agreement] with Blue and White, I pledge to vacate my seat within a year and a half on September 21st,” Netanyahu clarified. He added that the arrangement between the parties would include “an agreement on the Ministry of Justice portfolio or the creation of an additional ministerial post to ensure that ‘no one takes advantage of the situation.'”

“[It’s] ready to be signed. What’s standing in its way at the moment is [Blue and White’s attempt] to take over the Knesset. This is a last call for unity.”