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Netanyahu to police: ‘Tighten and improve COVID-19 enforcement’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today visited the “National Coronavirus Enforcement Authority”, together with Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana, National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat, Israel Police Acting Insp.-Gen. Motti Cohen and coronavirus commissar Prof. Nachman Ash, to “closely monitor the enforcement of the restrictions by the Israel Police.”

Senior police commanders briefed Netanyahu on their work to force COVID-19 restriction compliance throughout the country.

Following the inspection, the Prime Minister said: “I must say that I am impressed by the great effort by the police. The meeting between a policeman and a citizen or a business owner is a difficult one, and I would like to express appreciation for the efforts that you are making under conditions that are not easy.

Netanyahu visits ‘National Coronavirus Enforcement Authority’

“Nevertheless, we must tighten and improve enforcement, and we spoke about this today. We spoke about several main axes. We want to concentrate our enforcement and action efforts on the axes from which morbidity originates. At the moment, it is concentrated in several communities and in several places and we want to concentrate special efforts on them.

“First, those going to and leaving Turkey, which is a red country, we are working to reduce or prevent this.

“Second, Arab citizens of Israel are going to Judea and Samaria, which is a very strongly infected area, and they come back and pass on the infection; therefore, we must find the means that we spoke about in order to reduce this contact.

“Third, there are individuals who violate the quarantine and go out and infect entire communities. We are concentrating this effort. I also spoke with police officers about this effort. There are several other axes that we are dealing with in order to concentrate our efforts in places that are spreading the virus. This means tightening the cordons. There are red communities and there is a problem of how to cordon them. This is not so much a police problem as it is a legal one that we are trying to resolve. If necessary, we will go to legislation on this matter.

“These are the main things that I saw here. I was impressed by the good work that is being done. I also directed and unified, together with my friends here, the effort on the axes that can reduce morbidity,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Source: Arutz Sheva