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Netanyahu uses Hannukah video to joke about corruption charges


In the Hebrew-language clip, Netanyahu approaches a man complaining about life in Israel, as he waits in line at a bakery to buy doughnuts traditionally eaten for Hanukkah, who asks the premier if they being filmed for a live stream.

“No, no we’re in the same boat,” Netanyahu reassures the man. “I call them all the time, ask to order take-out and they don’t believe [me] and think I’m joking with them. They called the police on me.”

“Case 5000,” the man says jokingly in response, referring to the so-called cases 1000, 2000 and 4000 in which Netanyahu has been implicated.

“Leave it. Who is even counting,” Netanyahu says dismissively.

Reacting seriously to the charges later Sunday, the prime minister dismissed them as a “witch-hunt.”