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Netanyahu: “We will not put sensors in children, that’s an urban myth”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the weekly Likud faction meeting Monday by addressing fears over a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

“There has been an increase in morbidity in the last few days [our note: ?!], and this is clearly related to the loosening of the rules. The more social distancing directives disappear, the more the virus spreads,” Netanyahu said.

“Therefore, we will do two things, both in the government and in the Knesset. First of all, we will tighten our discipline, and second, reopen the economy,” the prime minister added.

Netanyahu made it clear that surveillance of coronavirus patients would be carried out while preserving citizens’ civil rights and without compromising privacy.

Following on from this, Netanyahu referred to a video distributed on social networks with allegations that the government was trying to plant subcutaneous surveillance chips in Israeli children.

“This is an opportunity to dispel an urban myth that I or someone else intends to implant a subcutaneous chip in our children,” Netanyahu noted. [our note: ?!]

“Conspiracy theories sometimes come from delusional places but I don’t remember anything of this magnitude. We have discussed creating a toy for children, a voluntary bracelet or ring, something small like that. They have not developed it yet and I don’t know if they will. Certainly there will be no sensor planting in anyone. You can relax.”

Original: Arutz Sheva