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Netanyahu’s Likud blasts Gantz’s September election call, says gov’t remains until war aims achieved

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party rejects War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz’s call for an election in September, saying the government will remain in place “until all the goals of the war are achieved.”

  • “At this fateful moment for the State of Israel and in the midst of a war, Benny Gantz must stop engaging in petty politics just because his party is disintegrating.
  • “Early elections will inevitably lead to paralysis (in the war) and (societal) division in addition to harming (the IDF’s goal to invade) Rafah and dealing a fatal blow to the chances of a hostage deal,” the Likud party says.

Meanwhile, Opposition Chairman Yair Lapid says a September election date is too far away and that the current government must be replaced much sooner.

  • “This government needs to go home as soon as possible so that we can return the hostages, return the evacuees home, defeat Hamas, and make sure that someone takes care of the Israeli middle class,” Lapid says in a statement.

Source: TOI