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New details about Abqiq–Khurais attack

The American tried to minimize the operation. We assure you today that the destruction of the targeted facilities is far greater than what was acknowledged … The American tried to publish fabricated pictures of the aftermath of the operation as part of its attempts to minimize it,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis (Ansar Allah), revealed.

As for the operation details, the spokesman revealed that the attack was launched from three different positions within Yemen.

New Qasef-3 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) took off from the first position, the long-range Samad-3 UAVs took off from the second and what he described as “jet-powered UAVs” were launched from the last position.

The spokesman said that other UAVs were used as decoys to distract and jam Saudi air-defense systems and radars.

The Samad-3 UAV was revealed during the recent Martyr Saleh al-Samad Exhibition for Yemeni Military Industries.

However, Qasef-3 and the mysterious jet-powered UAVs have not been presented, so far.

Brig. Yahya Sari concluded his conference with a threat to the UAE, saying that the Houthis’ Air Force and Missile Force could target Abu Dhabi or Dubai at any give moment.

Abqaiq it’s protected by a Patriot site, three Skyguards and even a French Crotale system.


The Crotale EDIR (Ecartométrie Différentielle InfraRouge, “InfraRed Differential Ecartometry”) is an all-weather short-range anti-air missile, which can be used to intercept low-flight anti-ship missiles and aircraft. It has been developed by Thomson CSF Matra.

Skyguard is a chemical laser-based area defense system by Northrop Grumman to protect airports and other areas against a variety of military threats including short-range ballistic missiles, short and long-range rockets, artillery shells, mortars, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.