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New study: Israel to reach herd immunity in 2 weeks

A new study conducted by Prof. Mark Last of Ben-Gurion University states that in the next two weeks the State of Israel will reach a state of ‘herd immunity’ against the coronavirus.

‘Herd immunity’ is a scenario in which the percentage of a population which has already contracted and recovered from a viral disease is so high that the rate of new infections drops as more and more people become immune to the disease, eventually reaching near-zero.

Prof. Last’s findings support the steps taken by Coronavirus Czar Prof. Roni Gamzu, who announced a series of possible measures to reduce the spread of the virus in Israel.

According to Prof. Last: “The State of Israel must preserve the existing situation in order to reduce the number of those infected in the country as soon as possible. There is no need to have a total lockdown as we will see a trend of declining cases in the near future. However, if there are large gatherings during the High Holidays, then we may see a new outbreak of the virus.

Source: Arutz Sheva