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New virus outbreak reported at senior living facility in Hadera

A new coronavirus outbreak is reported at a senior living facility in Hadera in the north. According to Channel 12, 13 residents and 27 staff of the Nof facility have been confirmed infected with the virus.

Around one-third of COVID-19 deaths in Israel have occurred at senior living facilities, while some 60 such facilities have reported cases

Meanwhile, in Ashdod several people have been taken to the city’s Assuta Hospital from the Beit Hadar rehabilitation facility.

Some 22 patients from the 250-bed facility are on respiratory ventilation.

The Home Front Command has been called in to disinfect the facility.

The Ministry of Health reports that the number of coronavirus tests conducted daily topped 10,000 for the first time on Tuesday as 10,401 tests were carried out, while the figure increased to 11,501 yesterday.

Also today, the Ministry of Defense says it has brought in from South Korea, sufficient chemical reagents to carry out some 100,000 tests.