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New York City reports NO NEW CORONAVIRUS DEATHS for first time since mid-March

“In the face of extraordinary challenges, New Yorkers have gone above and beyond to keep each other safe throughout the crisis,” said City Hall spokeswoman Avery Cohen.

“With hope on the horizon, we will continue to do everything we can to reopen safely without losing sight of the progress we’ve made,” Cohen said.

There were zero additional deaths between Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the city’s Health Department data that is reported with a 24-hour lag.

During that same period earlier this week the city saw just three probable deaths of people who never tested positive for the virus but showed tell-tale symptoms. Those probable deaths could be reclassified as confirmed deaths in the coming days, Cohen said.

There were 500 new fatalities each day during the pandemic’s early peak in early April.

Source: FOX NEWS

Note: This story originally appeared in the New York Post