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Nikol ‘The Basement’ Pashinyan strikes back, names previous governments and Armenian nation for defeat in Nagorno-Karabakh war

On November 16, the still prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, left the basement where he was hiding for the last week and met with representatives of his own party to once again try to explain how and why Armenian forces lost the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Expectedly, the mighty Armenian prime minister found who is guilty. According to him, these are the previous governments and the Armenian nation.

Pashinyan claimed that he’s allegedly ready to claim responsibility, but ‘before this’ he demanded responses to ‘his questions’.

“First of all, I will be responsible for whatever happened during the past 30 years and accept any decision of the people without a murmur. But I want to hear answers to my questions,” Pashinyan added.

In particular, he said, the society must respond why it lived by the values ​​of personal enrichment and why the purpose of public service was to plunder the budget and build new mansions instead of joining and promoting the military service. At the same time, in table speeches, with glasses in hand, everyone said that the state was above everything, and they drank to the health of the soldiers standing up.

“When people lived by values ​​about what to steal from the budget, not paying taxes is not a sin, but dexterity, did you think that all this will not remain without consequences?” He asked.

He complained that 2.5 years of his rule was not enough to correct all, but everything possible has been done for this.

“By this speech, the bright and genius prime minister of Armenia that led the country to its largest failure in the 21th century demonstrated that he is not going to surrender the power in a peaceful way. He also rejected demands to lift the martial law regime in the country.”

Somehow, the brilliant explanations of the pro-Western Armenian government found little understanding among protesters on the streets.

The Pashinyan clique seized the power as a result of the unconstitutional coup in 2018 and in less than 3 years undermined positions of the country in the region to the level when Azerbaijan gained an opportunity to launch and complete the successful military operation in Armenia.

It also appeared to be unable to defend its zone of control in Nagorno-Karabakh during the war and thousands of Armenians were killed and injured for nothing. The total defeat in Karabakh was avoided only thanks to the Russian diplomatic intervention, peacekeepers deployment and the Azerbaijani readiness for the constructive dialogue in the created conditions.

Despite this, Pashniyan and his circle continue searching somebody to blame for their own failures and demonstrate that, hiding behind claims about ‘mysterious democratic values’ and ‘European path’, they will continue hold onto power.