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‘No coalition if lockdown imposed on haredi neighborhoods’

Following discussions surrounding a lockdown of haredi cities including Betar Ilit and Bnei Brak, United Torah Judaism (UTJ) head MK Moshe Gafni said that his party and Shas would not join a unity government if the order is implemented.

“We won’t allow individuals unaware of the difficult situation to discriminate against the most disciplined sector in the country,” Gafni said in an interview to Kol Chai radio.

According to him, the haredi public is disciplined and there is no reason to impose a lockdown.

“I am in contact with all the haredi mayors. The streets are empty. Our public is disciplined. This is indisputable!”

He also stated that the haredi parties would not enter the coalition if the prime minister orders a lockdown on haredi cities.

“My colleagues, Minister Deri and Minister Litzman are of the same opinion- we will not partner with anyone who imposes a lockdown on the haredi sector. This is a red line for us! And I expect Prime Minister Netanyahu to act and not just talk.”