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‘No mercy’ for killers of Russian journalist – Lavrov

Moscow will show no mercy toward any one responsible for the death of Darya Dugina, Russian Foreign Minister Segey Lavrov has said.

Russian investigators have accused Kiev of masterminding the plot to kill the Russian journalist and political commentator in a car bombing.

  • “I consider it a barbaric crime for which no forgiveness can be granted,” Lavrov said on Wednesday, when asked about the murder, which took place Saturday evening.

The Russian investigation into the assassination will hopefully identify all the culprits soon, the minister added.

“Certainly, the organizers, the middlemen and the executors can get no mercy,” he said.

When asked whether the killing was “an act of terrorism or personalized retaliation,” Lavrov declined to offer a judgment. He made the comments during a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Mekdad, in the Russian capital.

The FSB, Russia’s domestic security agency, identified a Ukrainian woman, Natalya Vovk, as the suspected assassin.

  • She had entered Russia with her teenage daughter and rented an apartment in the same block where Dugina lived. She had allegedly been present at the same public event as the journalist, upon the conclusion of which the latter’s car was blown up, according to investigators. Vovk fled to Estonia before she could be apprehended, the FSB said.

There is an image of an ID bearing the suspect’s name circulating online indicating that she is a member of a Ukrainian National Guard unit known as the Azov Battalion, which has been widely reported as enlisting radical Ukrainian nationalists in its ranks.

Russia believes that Vovk acted on an order from the Ukrainian government. Kiev has denied any involvement in the bombing.

Dugina was the daughter of philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, a controversial thinker known for his advocacy of Russian exceptionalism. He is often described in the Western media as having behind-the-scenes influence on the Kremlin’s foreign policy. Darya, a public figure of some prominence in her own right, shared some of her father’s ideas about Russia’s place in the world.

The car targeted by the killer had belonged to Dugin, who was reportedly supposed to accompany his daughter but at the last moment ended up taking a different vehicle.

Source: RT

Header: Photo of journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina at the farewell ceremony at the Ostankino television center in Moscow. © Sputnik / Grigory Sysoev

Russia slams US reaction to murder of journalist

The response to the killing of Darya Dugina shows Washington’s lack of credibility on human rights, Moscow insists

The US has no moral right to lecture any nation about human rights after downplaying the assassination of Russian journalist Darya Dugina, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said. Moscow has accused Kiev of masterminding the car bombing that resulted in her death.

The reaction of the US Department of State to the high-profile murder and the evidence that Russia released in the investigation discredits Washington’s claim that it is concerned about human rights, Zakharova said on Tuesday in a social media post.

  • “Washington has no moral right … to judge the state of human rights in faraway places if they don’t even comment on the murder of a journalist,” despite claiming to care about protecting the media, she said. “They simply did not take notice that she was a public figure.”

Ned Price, the spokesman for the US Department of State, commented on the death of Dugina on Monday, stating that Washington “unequivocally [condemns] the targeting of civilians,” be they in Ukraine or Russia.

“I don’t have anything to share beyond what you have all heard publicly, and that is that Ukraine has denied any involvement,” he said. Price added that he has “no doubt that the Russians will put forward certain conclusions” after investigating the bombing.

Source: RT


Ceremony to bid final farewell to Darya Dugina held in Moscow

  • It is noted that producer Eduard Boyakov read out Dugina’s poems on the events in eastern Ukraine

The family, friends, dozens of colleagues and acquaintances of Darya Dugina got together at Ostankino TV Center on Tuesday to bid their final farewell to the journalist killed in a car bomb attack outside Moscow late on Saturday.

“She had no fear, really. And the last time we talked at the festival Tradition, she said: Daddy, I feel like a warrior, I feel like a hero, <…> I want to be with my country. I want to be on the light side of the force,” Darya’s father, philosopher and public figure Alexander Dugin, said.

He said he had wanted to bring up his daughter the way he saw the ideal person. “The first words that we taught her as a child were ‘Russia’, ‘our state’, ‘our people’ and ‘our empire’,” he added.

Attending the ceremony among others were Deputy Speaker of the State Duma (lower house) Sergey Neverov, Leonid Slutsky, LDPR leader and head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs, and Sergey Mironov, leader of A Just Russia – For Truth party.

Producer Eduard Boyakov read out Dugina’s poems on the events in eastern Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sent a telegram of condolence to Dugina’s parents.

About Darya Dugina

Early in summer, Darya was in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, covering the events. In Donbass, she also worked for a French media outlet, since her French was perfect. The girl also collected information on the Azov nationalist battalion, outlawed in Russia.

An explosive device went off in a Toyota Land Cruiser that Dugina was driving on a highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy, in the Moscow Region, on August 20. Darya was returning from the literary and musical festival Tradition, where she was a special guest. It was established that a bomb had been planted under the vehicle on the driver’s side. The Federal Security Service, the FSB, told TASS on Monday that Dugina’s murder had been solved. According to the federal agency, it had been masterminded by the Ukrainian secret services and carried out by Ukrainian national Natalia Vovk, who fled to Estonia following the killing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to award the Order of Courage posthumously to Russian journalist and public activist Darya Dugina.

Source: TASS