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‘No unity government’ – Right-wing leaders meet Netanyahu

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Tuesday afternoon with the leaders of the right-wing Knesset factions following Monday’s national elections to discuss the formation of a right-wing coalition.

MK Moshe Gafni from the haredi United Torah Judaism party told reporters before the meeting: “The counting of votes has not ended and we will see the result. It may be that the result is such that there are 61. More elections are unlikely to happen, and Netanyahu, who received public confidence will have to form a government and a coalition.”

He said, “There will be no unity government, but perhaps a wider government. It is estimated that eventually a government will be formed.”

When asked if the right celebrated prematurely when the polls closed Monday night, Gafni replied: “No. Who knew and foresaw what was going to happen [before the election]? It could have been a great ruin for us and we are glad for the result.”

When asked if there was a possibility that Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party would join the right-wing government, he said: “I don’t know. With such an irresponsible person we will have to deal with it when the time comes.”

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri, who also attended the meeting in the Knesset, was asked if there would be a narrow right-wing government and replied: “Why narrow? Why not very broad?”

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman made a statement at the entrance to the meeting and announced that he would not sit with Yair Lapid. “This is a great achievement for the prime minister. We will continue to be a bloc and cooperate together and become stronger. I am sure there will be no more elections.”

Header: MK Moshe Gafni and MK Yaakov Litzman at a press conference.