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Non-Israeli ban to enter Israel extended until October 1

The Israel Airport Authority announced on Sunday that foreigners coming from countries that are not on the green list won’t be able to enter Israel until at least October 1.

So far, only Israeli citizens and residents were allowed to enter Israel, with a compulsory two-week quarantine from the day of their arrival.

Nonetheless, a few exceptions were made for foreigners who were family of couples getting married and for the grandparents who need to attend the birth or the bar/bat mitzvah of their grandchildren.

As of now, Israelis and non-Israelis are allowed to enter Israel without being quarantined for two weeks only if they arrive from one of the following countries: The United Kingdom, Slovenia, New Zealand, Georgia, Denmark, Austria, Canada, Estonia, Rwanda, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Hong Kong, Germany, Hungary, Cyprus, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Source: JPost