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North Korea has ‘probably’ developed miniaturized nukes to fit ballistic missiles, ‘confidential’ UN report says

The “confidential” UN report, obtained by Reuters on Monday, notes that several unidentified countries had assessed that Pyongyang “probably developed miniaturised nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles.”

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is continuing its nuclear program, including the production of highly enriched uranium and construction of an experimental light water reactor,” the report states, adding that another member state concluded the country “is continuing production of nuclear weapons.”

The report is not the first to claim that Pyongyang had successfully miniaturized a nuclear weapon, however, with a leaked 2017 US intelligence report also stating that North Korea had the capability to produce warheads small enough to fit inside a missile, which it said would theoretically allow it to reach targets on the US mainland.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said last week there would be no more war as the country’s nuclear weapons guarantee its safety and future despite unabated outside pressure and military threats.

The U.N. report said one country, which it did not identify, assessed that North Korea “may seek to further develop miniaturisation in order to allow incorporation of technological improvements such as penetration aid packages or, potentially, to develop multiple warhead systems.”

Header: Kim Jong-un provides guidance on nuclear weapons program © KCNA via Reuters

Source: RT