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NYTimes report: Oct 7 rocket from Gaza hit IAF base said to house nuclear-capable missiles

A rocket launched by the Hamas terror group from the Gaza Strip on October 7 hit a sensitive Israeli Air Force base in central Israel, where many of Israel’s nuclear-capable missiles are allegedly based, according to a report by The New York Times.

  • Citing satellite imagery, the report says one rocket hit the Sdot Micha airbase, near Beit Shemesh, on the morning of October 7, when Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel during its onslaught on the south.

The report says the rocket sparked a fire that approached what it says are Jericho missile storage sites and other sensitive weaponry.

According to foreign reports, Israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons. The Jericho missiles are designed to be equipped with nuclear warheads, according to the reports.

Source: TOI