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Of media hotheads and Trump’s Syria blunder

Mr. Trump has had many plusses. Overseas, for Israel, most notably. But this is a minus…and the consequences, for the Kurds, are already unfolding, terribly.

For Israel, a message that it now stands alone as the good-guy powerhouse in the region.

Trump’s equating the Arab/Israeli conflict to Turkey/Syria and the Kurds, as he did at Wednesday’s news conference, was unfortunate.

No American was ever asked to fight and die for Israel. Ever. The Israelis fight their own battles. It is important to keep that straight.

Trump’s Sunday surprise caught his supporters off-guard and places them on the spot.

Trump and his voters have every right to feel hounded, hunted and besieged. It’s been three years of media torture.

Small chance when he does right, which is plenty. No chance when he does wrong, which is now.

For Obama, it was love at first sight. They were all Democrats and they were all in it together.

Journalism in America began its slow death when at The New York Times, Dean Baquet advised his reporters to ignore balance and neutrality, but write how they “feel.”

So they did, and they all loved Obama during the Obamacare fiasco, and they all coveted Obama during the Iran Nuke Deal debacle.

Today, we call this news, and today they “feel” that President Trump is “a risk to our national security” and “a clear and present danger” for his phone call to Ukraine.

Did he offer military assistance to a foreign adversary?

No. That brings us closer to Obama.

For no attention was paid, and no calls for impeachment were made, when Obama shipped $150 Billion to an Iran regime that threated to annihilate both Israel and the United States. If that, plus another billion and a half sent over in laundered cash, wasn’t a risk to our national security, nothing is…and nothing, not a peep, was the response from the media establishment.

Excerpts from Jack Engelhard, Israel National News – Arutz Sheva Israel