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Israel: ‘One of the cops gave me a punch and knocked me to the floor’

Yitzhak Polak, the bride’s brother who was filmed bleeding in the violent dispersal of last night’s wedding in Givat Zeev, addressed last night’s events this morning in a Kan News interview.

“The police came into the house, they said they wanted to take my mother into custody,” Polak described the moment the incident began for him.

“I – as a child seeing his mother frightened, not knowing what to do, in a panic, who didn’t want her daughter’s wedding ruined – I stood in front of them because I didn’t want anything bad to happen, for it to end badly,” he added.

“After that they started pushing, exerting force; I saw my mother fall back so I tried to see how to stop it and then one of the cops gave me a punch, claimed I was under arrest, knocked me to the floor, and kept beating me. It ended really badly,” Polak noted.

Tzion Region Police Commander Ofer Shomer today in a Reshet Bet interview denied the family’s allegations: “You can see in the video from the body cameras of the police officers that was distributed that one of them politely asks them to accompany him to the station. If the civilians had obeyed the police and accompanied them to the station, it would have been different.”

He said, “When they came to detain the mother, the suspects started throwing glass bottles at them, resisting, and getting angry. Because of a bottle of oil thrown there, the policeman together with the suspect slipped to the floor and as a result they were both injured.”

Shomer sought to stress: “The policemen acted professionally. You don’t see in the body camera footage the fall that caused the injury, because as soon as the policeman holds the suspect and stops him you can no longer see. The policewoman who stood by and took pictures was beaten.”

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri tweeted: “There is no reason in the world for police to break in with rifles in hand and harm people.”

Deri said he spoke with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu about the incident: “I asked for a thorough investigation by an independent body. The Prime Mnister promised to check the matter this very evening.”

United Torah Judaism head Yaakov Litzman deplored the “serious police violence.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana and the latter promised to conduct a swift and thorough investigation of the incident and make the results public.

Source: Arutz Sheva