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Orthodox Jews back Trump by massive margin, poll finds

A poll of Orthodox Jewish potential voters in the US published by Ami Magazine finds that a whopping 83 percent of them would vote for President Donald Trump. Only 13% would cast ballots for Joe Biden and the rest are undecided.

The poll also finds that 76% of respondents believe the media is unfair to the president.

Political surveys of only Orthodox Jews are rare. A survey of Orthodox Jews conducted in January, provided to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, found that 66% of Haredi voters report having voted for Trump, compared to just 32% of Modern Orthodox voters.

Given the small numbers of Orthodox Jews and their concentration in mostly blue states, their votes are unlikely to have a major effect on the 2020 presidential election.

The Ami poll of 1,000 respondents is heavily weighted toward the ultra-Orthodox, who make up some 66% of respondents. Respondents hailed from several states, but many — including some with sizable Orthodox populations — are left out, including Michigan, Arizona and Rhode Island. The margin of error is 3.1%.

Source: JTA via TOI