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Orthodox mother of 10 worked for 12 hours to rescue revelers from party of death

An Orthodox mother of 10 who works for the Border Police voluntarily jumped into the murderous fray of rockets and gunfire on the Jewish Sabbath, October 7, to help save young people fleeing from an all-night party near the Gaza border.

Superintendent Shifra Buchris, 45, commands the patrol unit of the Border Police Southern Brigade.

After Hamas terrorists crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and embarked on a killing spree that was to leave more than 1,400 dead, most of them civilians, Buchris and colleagues drove in two personal, non-armored vehicles, towards the site of the Supernova all-night rave, near Kibbutz Re’im.

Terrorists descended upon the festival on Saturday morning, spraying the thousands of revelers with gunfire as they attempted to escape by car and ran through an open field.

More than 260 were killed.

Buchris and her deputy, Chief Inspector Ram Amrani, Sgt. First Class Baruch Avischal, and Sergeant Major Yaniv Cohen Dahar, fought for 12 hours, ferrying the wounded back and forth to safety, all while bullets were flying by.

“The sight of hundreds of dead young men with a bullet in their foreheads was proof of the terrorists’ killing, ” Amrani later told the Ynet news site. “The mind cannot comprehend the piles of corpses.”

Buchris told Ynet that she was a “fighter at heart” and that her instinct would have been to take on the terrorists.

The team did discover 11 terrorists in the bushes and managed to handcuff them and transfer them to the police.

“But within that brutal battleground, we collectively decided that our foremost priority was to save the lives of the wounded,” she told the website.

“I’m not sure if this is connected to the fact that I am a mother of 10 children, but one thing I knew for sure: Both I and the fighters by my side were determined to reunite as many children as possible with their families at home.”

Buchris’s two eldest daughters are also active in the war, according to the religious website Kippa.

One serves in the military reserves, while the other works for the Jerusalem Police.

Source: TOI