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‘Our pressure worked, tomorrow’s stupid lockdown is cancelled!’

Former Defense Minister and Yamina party chief Naftali Bennett celebrated the news Thursday night that the government will not impose a nationwide lockdown this weekend.

In a Facebook post Thursday night, Bennett claimed that the decision not to impose the lockdown this weekend and to instead wait until legislation is passed empowering the government to impose regular lockdowns every weekend, marked a victory for opponents of the government’s plan.

“Our pressure has paid off,” wrote Bennett.

“Tomorrow’s stupid lockdown has been cancelled!”

“Go out to hike, go to restaurants, go to restaurants all across the country, visit the beach.”

“But maintain your safety. Wear masks. Keep grandma and grandpa safe. Avoid mass gatherings, especially in closed rooms. As much as we, the public, will behave better, the more we enable the government to remove the restrictions.”

On Thursday, government ministers gathered to deliberate on plans to impose a range of new restrictions, and to discuss plans to pass legislation aimed at enabling the government to impose weekend lockdowns every week.

The proposed restrictions include the closure of on-site dining at restaurants – with takeout and delivery services allowed to remain open – and the closing of public pools, beaches, gyms, and summer school programs.

In addition, synagogue services will be limited to 10 people at any given time, while outdoor gatherings will be limited to 20 people.

Source: Arutz Sheva