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Outrage as new British Army badge resembles Nazi Eagle

The British Army has been inundated with angry comments due to a new regimental badge’s striking resemblance to the Nazi Eagle symbol.

The new hat badge of the UK Ranger Regiment was introduced on Thursday.

The British Army made the announcement on Twitter, stating: “We have revealed the cap badge of The Ranger Regiment. The Ranger Regiment is an important contribution to the future of the British Army.”

A barrage of Twitter users replied to the post, noting that the new badge resembles the Nazi Eagle (the “Reichsadler”).

It also resembles the badge of the Selous Scouts, a South African Apartheid era special forces unit, the Express reported.

Twitter user The Perennial Captain commented: “Well, that’s truly horrid. Really rather awful. Embarrassing. I hope someone has the confidence to admit what mistake that is.”

“It would be great if you could share the thought process that landed on this please (apart from the name – that bit is obvious),” said Twitter user @SSN14CO.

“I saw it and just thought ‘Nazi eagle,’” @Plus_haut tweeted.

A user said: “Not a great look, British Army” while another commented that the badge demonstrated the Army has “lost the last few shreds of self-awareness.”

When the British Army account tweeted examples of “other British Army regiments with birds in their cap badges,” including the Welsh Cavalry and the King’s Royal Hussars, users accused them of “back-pedalling” and said it wasn’t the fact that the badge had a bird on it but the similarity of the design that was at issue.

Source: Arutz Sheva