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Pakistan strikes key deal with Russia to buy gas and wheat – reports

Pakistan has signed a major agreement with Russia on the import of natural gas and wheat, media outlets reported this week, citing Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Khan reportedly said that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had “great discussions” during his visit to Moscow last week, where the leaders signed a bilateral agreement.

He noted that Pakistan plans to import some two million tons of wheat from Russia in the near future.

The two leaders reportedly also discussed the long-delayed Pakistan Stream gas pipeline, which is to be built in collaboration with Russian companies.

“Both countries are eager to launch the project at the earliest,” according to Pakistan’s Energy Ministry.

The 1,100km (683-mile) pipeline connecting Russia and Pakistan was agreed in 2015. It is to be financed by both Moscow and Islamabad, and to be constructed by Russian contractors.

Reports of the deal come as most Western countries are rapidly distancing themselves from Russia and imposing heavy economic sanctions on the country in response to its ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

Source: RT