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Parisians defy Covid-19 lockdown with outdoor DANCE PARTY that prompts police raid (VIDEOS)

The footage from the 18th arrondissement of Paris which includes Montmartre shows a group of people swaying and spinning to Dalida’s ‘Let me dance’, with a crowd of onlookers gathering.

The dancing defiance of the coronavirus quarantine did not last long as police swiftly arrived at the scene, dispersing the revelers.

It was not immediately clear whether anyone was fined or detained over the party, yet the person who blasted the music has reportedly received a warning from law enforcement.

The small fete was met with quite a mixed reaction online, with many users condemning the carelessness and selfishness of the dancers.

“How sad to see that, these are the same people who we will cry tomorrow and who will accuse the public authorities. Selfishness is the worst disease,” one user wrote.

Others, however, praised the revelers for their “freedom” spirit, arguing that having a little fun even amid the pandemic won’t hurt.

France is among the worst coronavirus-hit nations, with more than 161,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 22,600 deaths, according to the latest figures by Johns Hopkins University. The country has been under a strict lockdown since March 17 with public venues closed, assemblies banned and the freedom of movement drastically limited.

The country is expected to begin gradually lifting the lockdown starting on May 11, allowing retailers to reopen and easing other restrictions. The plan on how the lockdown windup will unfold will be unveiled by the government next week.