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Passover: some of the women in IDF combat units remaining on guard across Israel during the holiday

They are fearless. They are strong. They are women who serve in some of the toughest combat units in the IDF.

This group of women dedicated their lives to serving their country, to protecting their country come rain or shine, war or peace, and that dedication remains unaffected by Jewish holidays and special occasions.

These women serve in the IDF combat units, and they are spending their Passover on base or on guard, keeping the country and its citizens secure during this unique time for the Jewish people.

Those remaining behind during Passover still feel the happiness of the holiday: “Another really special thing that happens is families from the settlements and towns in the area will bring the soldiers on guard duty food and something sweet to say ‘thank you.”

Image: A female soldier from the Home Front Command in action (Credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)