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‘JOIN THE RESISTANCE’ – Patrick Reichert-Young

In a brand campaign, the theater adaptation of Orwell’s 1984 is used to convey the self-image and positioning of SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN.

“Censored” billboards call for joining the resistance. Via an augmented reality app, the posters can be “decrypted” on the smartphone, making information, CTAs for purchasing tickets and other digital-exclusive storytelling usable and tangible.

In the print, the flyer follows the same principle, because the “censored” content can only be read if you fold the flyer in a zigzag pattern and then take a very specific perspective.

The interaction with the campaign reflects the location in society and present, the liveliness and the search for the direct dialogue with the people for whom SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN stands as a brand.

Additional detail information is available via the mouseover of the case shots.

Complex and interactive storytelling can be built around the claim “Join the resistance”, which can be entered via the decrypted posters and involved with the help of gamification principles.

A time-limited discount on student subscriptions can be used as a CTA on billboard sites in the Augmented Reality Screen, where many students are staying.


Source: Reichert-Young