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Pilots of Russia’s MiG combat planes to get helmet-mounted target acquisition systems

The Electroautomatics Experimental Design Bureau plans to start the deliveries of domestically-produced helmet-mounted target acquisition and display systems for MiG planes in 2021, Electroautomatics First Deputy CEO Anatoly Shukalov said on Tuesday.

“As for the planes developed by the Mikoyan firm [MiG aircraft], the devices that we demonstrated from the viewpoint of substituting the imported Ukrainian systems with our versions on Sukhoi planes, which was done, precisely the same work is underway for replacing the items on the aircraft developed by the Mikoyan firm,” the first deputy CEO said, responding to the corresponding question from TASS.

“In principle, next year [we will begin the deliveries to the troops] and nothing impedes this process. The system itself is autonomous and has undergone trials. Only the mathematical software has to be finalized for interaction with the aircraft’s systems,” he said.

The Electroautomatics Experimental Design Bureau started the deliveries of helmeted-mounted target acquisition and display systems for aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force’s tactical aviation back in 2016 to replace Ukrainian versions.

In particular, the domestically produced helmet-mounted displays were used to substitute the imported Ukrainian Sura systems and their modifications earlier produced by the Arsenal Design Bureau on Su-27SM3, Su-30SM and Su-35S aircraft.

Header: A MiG-35 multirole fighter © Press service of the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”

Source: TASS