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PM Bennett: ‘Whoever violates coronavirus laws will pay’

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday opened a government meeting by reiterating the coronavirus laws and promising to enforce them.

“I want to say here, and clearly: The government’s decisions are not recommendations, they are obligatory”, Bennett said at the meeting.

“Whoever violates them will pay.”

“Masks in enclosed spaces are required, not recommended. Beginning on Wednesday, attendance at events will be allowed for those who are vaccinated, recovered, or present a negative test. That is an obligation, not a recommendation. Keeping quarantine is a requirement, not a recommendation.

“These are the citizen’s obligations, and we will ensure they are kept,” he promised.

Bennett also emphasized that the government’s main goal is to start the new school year on the right foot.

“We are preparing ahead of time an organized plan, and we will provide information about everything in an organized fashion, allowing time to prepare,” he said.

The Delta variant, he added, “is a much more infectious mutation than its predecessors. The world is turning red. Our goal as the government of Israel is to save lives and preserve normal routine.”

Noting that over a million Israelis are eligible to be vaccinated but have not yet received the vaccine, Bennett said:

“Whoever does not get vaccinated is endangering himself, endangering his family, endangering his friends, risking the livelihood of those around him, and risking the start of the new school year.”

“Therefore, I call on those million citizens who did not yet get vaccinated: Go out today, and get vaccinated. There are enough vaccines for everyone. Go out today, that’s your civil duty. That’s how we can protect ourselves. The vaccine is effective, significantly, in reducing infection, as well as reducing the severity of infection for those who become infected despite it.

“But the vaccine alone is not enough. Wear masks in enclosed spaces. You must understand, vaccines alone will not beat Delta. Masks alone will not beat Delta. Masks plus vaccines will beat Delta.”

Bennett added that “… the elderly among us, who are in their homes, are again in a vulnerable position. So take care of them. Take care of your Grandpa and Grandma. Meet them, but only in the open air, outside, with masks and social distancing. If we do these things, we will beat the Delta pandemic.”

Last week, Israel’s Coronavirus Cabinet shortened quarantine from 14 days to seven days, but mandated the receipt of a negative coronavirus test on the seventh day. Failure to undergo a test and receive a negative result before exiting quarantine will result in a fine, Bennett said then.

Source: Arutz Sheva