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PM laughs off the suggestion that the Netanyahu era will be over 18 months from now

“I don’t want to see threats against anyone, including my family members,” he tells Army Radio.

Relating to Iran, he says “they haven’t halted their efforts to obtain nuclear weapons…. So long as I am prime minister, Iran will not get nuclear weapons.”

And moving back to the coronavirus, he says:

“We saved thousands of lives.”

“I understand that there’s… a desire to believe it’s over. It’s not over.”

Asked if he can confirm that 18 months from now, the Netanyahu era will be over, he says:

“If I had to count all those who eulogized that the Netanyahu era is over… well, some of them are still alive.”

The new government, Israel’s 35th, is sworn in by Knesset vote.

The vote is 73-46 in favor of the new coalition.