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Pof. Yoram Lass on Radio 103 FM: “The Prime Minister and his ministers are blind”

As every Thursday at 12:00 noon, Prof. Yoram Lass explained his his point of view regard COVID-19 to the audience at 103 FM Maariv Israel.

This time Prof. Lass commented with pain on the expectation of another closure coming to the State of Israel:

“The government has taken great steps this week towards a second closure that will bring us the destruction of the ‘Second Temple’. We already saw the destruction of the ‘First Temple’ in April. The Prime Minister and his ministers are intentionally blind and they also have very clear interests. We will pay a terrible price for all this during the holidays.”

“Most people do not get infected with anything”

One listener who went on the air to ask Prof. Yoram Lass about the ‘lucky’ individuals who do not get the corona virus or other diseases like the flu.

Prof. Lass paid close attention to what the listener said and reply:

“Many people do not know that there are many more common corona viruses that come in the winter and cause only mild illnesses, but meantime the body becomes naturally immune to corona types. The vast majority of people have nothing.”

Prof. Yoram Lass in a stern call to the Prime Minister to get imprisoned in light of his legal affairs:

“He uses his power as Prime Minister to undermine the foundations of the Israeli legal system”

At the beginning of the second hour, Prof. Les addressed the legal issues in which the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is involved:

“He uses his power as Prime Minister to undermine the foundations of the Israeli legal system. Netanyahu and his son pose a direct threat to democracy in the State of Israel. Netanyahu’s law is the law of every other defendant, he must be imprisoned immediately.”

“Did the top officials of the Corona virus enter isolation by chance during this week?”

One listener who went on the air, chose to express his opinion on how Israel deal with the corona virus and brought up a strange question: “How could you suddenly decide on a closure and meantime Prof. Gamzu and other MK’s go into isolation? How does everything happen all of a sudden?”

Prof. Lasss replied: “The facts you mention are of course true, but I can’t agree with the statement instantly.”

[note: As ministers prepare to discuss possible closure, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein says hospitals congested; Liberman, 2 Yisrael Beytenu MKs quarantined after settler leader ‘tests positive’]

Header: In this September 8, 2020, photo, an Israeli border policeman sets up a barrier as ultra-Orthodox Jews wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic wait to cross the street during an overnight curfew in Beit Shemesh (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit,

Original: [translated] 103 FM Maariv Israel