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Poland, with NATO’s assistance, lost in a simulated war against ‘Eastern Enemy’ in five days

In late January 2021, the Polish Armed Forces carried out a simulated war against an “Eastern Enemy” (spoiler: it’s about… Russia).

Interestingly, the Polish Armed Forces lost, in a matter of 5 days.

The military exercises “Winter-20” ended in disaster and a complete failure. The simulation showed that after five days the war was lost and the Polish army ceased to exist, Interia reported.

The simulations included new weapons systems ordered by Poland, although not yet delivered – […] F-35 joint strike fighters and more.

The fierce defense of the east of Poland resulted in the destruction of the units there and huge losses.

According to Interia’s sources, the opponent reached the Vistula line on the fifth day of the virtual conflict. “SE” adds that on the fourth day, Warsaw was encircled.

The Chancellery of the President and the Ministry of National Defense did not want to comment on these reports, referring to the confidentiality of the exercises
According to Interia, several thousand officers took part in the military command exercises.

The simulations took into account the new weapons systems ordered by Poland – the Patriot anti-aircraft systems (which is proven to be as effective as throwing stones at the enemy aircraft); HIMARS missile artillery (which actually is pretty good) and the F-35 joint strike fighter (and its nearly 900 deficiencies).

The solutions introduced by the reform of the military command and control system, in force since the end of 2018, were also checked.

According to the report, on the fifth day of the virtual conflict, the enemy was on the Vistula line, there were fights for Warsaw, strategic ports were blocked or occupied.

Aviation and Navy ceased to exist despite NATO support.

East of the Vistula, Polish units were to suffer a devastating defeat. First-line battalions lost 60 to 80 percent of their troops and equipment. The lost exercises caused general concern.

“Super Express” provided further information on the failed exercises.

Initial plans were to defend for 22 days. Meanwhile, the simulation showed that the enemy troops encircled Warsaw already on the fourth day of the exercises.

“Everything went wrong. The commanders of individual divisions were shocked, they refused to carry out some orders because they were simply incomprehensible to them,” said the source.

The staff exercise took place at the Military Academy.

Both President Andrzej Duda and the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, got to know its results, “Super Express” reported.

Andrzej Duda and Mariusz Błaszczak discussed the exercise during a joint press conference.

“The command of all levels managed to do it and it is a great recommendation for the future. All those who participated in it and who prepared it deserved a very high evaluation,” said the president.

According to the head of the Ministry of National Defense, “you need to practice to achieve perfection. It was an extremely important exercise, which in terms of scale was unparalleled in the Third Polish Republic,” he emphasized.

In connection with the case, Interia sent a number of questions to the Chancellery of the President and the Ministry of National Defense.

“Due to the nature of this type of exercise – for obvious reasons covered by the confidentiality clause – no information on their assumptions, course or results can be made available. Please accept it with understanding,” said the president’s spokesman, Marcin Skowron.

In turn, the Ministry of National Defense replied:

“We inform you that the Winter exercise itself, its course and conclusions are classified information. Any answer to your question – negative or negative is therefore impossible”.

As a result, yes, Poland lost against imaginary Russia in a simulated exercise, in the span of 5 days.

This is reminiscent of when a retired US General defeated the United States Armed Forces in a matter of minutes in a simulation with using a hypothetical enemy force that also resembled Russia.

“Mistakes” happen, it’s the leadership’s role to avoid making them in the first place.