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Police issue warning to hundreds of Tel Aviv protesters blocking roads

Police issue a warning to hundreds of protesters it says are currently blocking roads in Tel Aviv at the conclusion of the protest against the government’s economic response to the pandemic which concluded an hour ago at Charles Clore Park.

“This conduct violates the terms of the license of the protest, is therefore illegal, and violates public order. We call on the protesters to obey the instructions of the police and to avoid disturbances,” police say in a statement.

Police are clashing with protesters who are blocking roads in Tel Aviv and throwing various objects at the officers.

While hundreds of Tel Aviv protesters have flooded out of Charles Clore Park and are now blocking roads, hundreds have stayed behind and are currently enjoying “a socially distanced trance party.”

Header: An anti-government protester dressed as a clown and clad in mask due to the coronavirus pandemic raises a sign reading in Hebrew ‘The emergency government is a sad joke’ during a demonstration in Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv on July 18, 2020 (Jack GUEZ / AFP)

Source: Agencies