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Israel: Police officer shoots in air while enforcing lockdown in Beit Shemesh

A police volunteer fired into the air after he felt threatened while enforcing the lockdown at an educational institution in Beit Shemesh. No one was hurt.

The police officer had gone to locate the head of the educational institution on Kedushat Aharon Street in Beit Shemesh to enforce the lockdown when a crowd began to gather around the police volunteer who was standing next to the car, and stones were thrown at him.

He fired into the air after feeling his life was in danger.

Police forces who arrived at the scene worked to restore order. There were no casualties.

Meanwhile, the police released ten members of Hapeleg Hayerushalmi (the Jerusalem Faction) who were arrested yesterday in clashes in Ashdod over the opening of a Talmud Torah (yeshiva elementary school) in the third district of the city.

Hundreds of members of the the Faction blocked roads and, according to police, some threw stones at police officers and attacked them.

Rabbi Hezki Tzulman of the Grodna Yeshiva confronted Kalman Liebskind and Assaf Lieberman today in an interview on Kan Reshet Bet, calling the State of Israel a “state of destruction.”

Tzulman said of the events yesterday:

“There was supreme devotion and heroism of the Bnei Hatorah (Torah adherents). The police say that the Talmud Torah should not have been open – but the Torah says other things.”

“We must do what our holy Torah says, we have nothing against one body or another. We do what the great men of Israel tell us. This is how Jews have behaved in all generations, this is how we will behave now until all decrees in this state – a state of destruction that tries to destroy the basic law of the Jewish People – are abolished. We will not neglect the Torah for even one moment. “

Kan News reported that the leader of the Jerusalem Faction, Rabbi Asher Deutsch, said in a conversation with Rabbi David Zucker, one of the yeshiva rabbis who was arrested yesterday:

“I heard there was great devotion, both on your part and from the general public. I heard that some of the youths said they received harder beatings than at the demonstrations.”

Header: Archive. Police officers clash with ultra-Orthodox men during a raid in a neighborhood of Beit Shemesh on April 28, 2020 (Yaakov Lederman/Flash90)

Source: Arutz Sheva