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Police swarm Tel Aviv surfer said to refuse to leave water

Footage surfaced Friday of police officers, some on a motor boat, swarming around and detaining a lone surfer in Tel Aviv who allegedly refused to leave the water.

The video spread widely on social media, leading some viewers wondering whether the amount of manpower utilized was proportional to the alleged crime.

Police are seen carrying away the man’s surfboard and struggling with and detaining another man who wanders on the scene as bystanders heckle the officers.

Government guidelines allow individuals to carry out sporting activity up to 500 meters from their homes, but the beaches have remained closed.

Police on Friday handed out ten tickets to beachgoers in Tel Aviv and nearby Bat Yam, and arrested two surfers, Haaretz reported.

The police used a helicopter, a boat and jet skis to round up dozens of surfers. The two who were arrested refused to comply.

Surfers told Haaretz that police canceled a pro-surfing demonstration they had planned to demand they be allowed in the water. Some of the surfers complained about excessive use of force and unfair regulations, saying they lived within 500 meters of the beach.