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Poll: 72% of Israelis believe Gaza operation should continue, with no ceasefire yet

A survey cited by Channel 12 news finds that the majority of Israelis do not believe Israel should negotiate a ceasefire now.

The poll finds that 72% say “the operation should continue,” with the number rising slightly in the south of the country to 73%.

Only 24% say “we should agree” to a ceasefire, with the figure dropping to 22% in the south.

When asked whether Israel has made greater achievements in this round [of fighting Hamas] than previous rounds, 66% say yes, with the figure dropping to 30% of those who live in the south, while 30% say no (28% among southern residents).

The survey was conducted today by Direct Polls, and questioned 684 Israelis, with a 4.3% margin of error.

Source: TOI