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President Netanyahu?

Likud lawmakers are considering promoting other members of the party as candidates for the premiership, according to a report by Channel 12 Sunday night.

According to the report, a number of Likud MKs have been looking into the possibility of endorsing a different member of the party for the premiership, removing a major barrier in the formation of a new government, given the refusal of at least three factions to join a government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Under this plan, Netanyahu would be elected president of Israel and guaranteed immunity from prosecution during his term.

While the Likud denied Sunday that the party is considering replacing Netanyahu as its candidate for the premiership, Channel 12 reported that multiple Likud MKs have looked into the feasibility of forming an alternative Likud-led government under a premier other than Netanyahu.

In addition, a number of Likud lawmakers have inquired recently regarding the legal problems of passing legislation which would ensure total immunity to the president.

Source: Arutz Sheva