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Prof. Yoram Lass, who says COVID-19 response unjustified, launches radio show

Prof. Yoram Lass, former director of the Ministry of Health and one of the most prominent voices in the country saying that the lethality of the coronavirus is being exaggerated, began today to present a radio program in which he talks to listeners on 103FM.

At the beginning of the program, Prof. Lass said,

“The big question is whether the destruction that has befallen us is justified, whether this epidemic is really so dangerous. My simple answer, and that of many learned people in Israel and around the world, as is known, is no. While the virus is serious and dangerous, in practice, very few people are affected in proportion to the size of the population, and there are equally serious medical problems and epidemics that were no less severe.”

Lass called on listeners to “put fear and panic aside,” and said that “he who is afraid and is brainwashed is unable to see the facts.”

After the opening, Lass began talking to listeners. One of them erupted at Professor Lass, saying, “You are considered the most dangerous person in the country. All you leftists are champions in one thing – in deceiving the public.”

Prof. Lass replied, “Do you remember the prime minister who told you about the Middle Ages? Do you remember that in the Middle Ages a third of the population was decimated?”

Source: Arutz Sheva


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