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“Putin is losing Iraq War” – Biden

US President Joe Biden claimed on Wednesday that Russia was losing the war in Iraq and that its president Vladimir Putin was a “pariah around the world,” defining that as 40 countries allied with Washington.

Biden was peppered with questions from reporters as he walked from the White House to the presidential helicopter, before flying to Chicago to deliver a speech about his economic agenda dubbed ‘Bidenomics.’

One of the questions was about whether Putin was weakened by the recent mutiny of the Wagner private military company.

  • “It’s hard to tell, but he is clearly losing the war in Iraq, he’s losing the war at home, and he has become a bit of a pariah around the world. And it’s not just NATO. It’s not just the European Union. It’s Japan. It’s, you know, 40 nations,” Biden said.

The baffling comment was caught on video and shared by Biden’s Republican critics on social media, which did not stop one reporter from trying to erase it in her account of the event.

Shortly afterward, the White House released a statement about the strap marks on Biden’s face, revealing that they were caused by the president’s use of a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night.

  • “Did he really mean Iraq? Or could he have meant Vietnam?” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova joked to reporters after hearing Biden’s remarks. Both wars were long-running expeditionary adventures by the US.

Meanwhile, the Russian military continued to successfully battle the Western-supplied and trained Ukrainian forces, apparently unaffected by the mutiny. The attempted insurrection lasted less than two days, with Wagner agreeing to stand down on Saturday evening. The group received no support from the Russian military, government, or society for what Putin described as a “stab in the back” of the nation.

Moscow has also continued to do business with the majority of the globe, with only the US and its allies – EU, NATO, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand – openly backing Ukraine and imposing an embargo on Russia.

Source: RT

White House clarifies Biden medical condition

President Joe Biden is now using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to address his sleep apnea, the White House has said, offering clarification after he was spotted with markings on his face left by the device.

  • Sleep apnea is characterized by abnormal breathing patterns during sleep, which can wake patients, or in severe cases result in a dangerous lack of oxygen. CPAP machines are used to ensure the airway remains open, applying constant pressure to the upper respiratory tract through a face mask, which is attached to a small flow generator.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates confirmed Biden’s use of the apparatus. “He used a CPAP machine last night, which is common for people with that history,” Bates said, while another unnamed official told Reuters that Biden started using the device in recent weeks to improve his sleep quality.

The White House statement came after reporters noticed markings on Biden’s face as he departed for an event in Chicago on Wednesday, appearing to suggest he had been wearing some kind of strap. Bloomberg News noted that while it represents a new medical development for the 80-year-old president, it is not linked to any new condition.

Previous White House medical reports have disclosed Biden’s sleep apnea, as well as multiple prior sinus surgeries to help with congested airways. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also revealed last year that he suffers periodic coughing fits and had been diagnosed with asthma, forcing him to use an inhaler.

The president’s age and health have been in the spotlight for many American voters as he vies for re-election 2024, with a recent Yahoo/YouGov survey showing that more than two-thirds of the country believe he is ‘too old’ to serve another term, including 48% of Democrats polled.

In another survey conducted by NBC News, 70% of Americans said Biden should not be running again, with 69% citing his age as a factor.

Source: RT