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Putin: Russia is now fully self-sufficient in basic food products

President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is now fully self-sufficient in basic food products.

“Russia is fully self-sufficient in basic foodstuffs, it is consistently venturing into global markets, and is one of the leading exporters in a number of positions,” the head of state said at a meeting on the situation in agriculture and the food industry.

“In recent years, the Russian agricultural and industrial sector has gained high, outstripping pace and is strengthening its position as a modern, high-tech industry with good potential for quality growth,” the president said.

As an example, he mentioned the grain harvest in Russia, which for six consecutive years exceeds 100 million tonnes.

“This year we also have good harvest prospects,” Putin said. He thanked the workers of domestic agriculture and agricultural enterprises for hard work, for results that are meaningful for the whole country.

“Today, when the Russian and world economies are having a hard time, it’s important to maintain the achieved dynamics in the agro-industrial complex, the confidence of our farmers in stable work and the stability of the industry’s cooperative ties. We need to secure our own, domestic market and evaluate and use the opportunities that are opening up for our companies, in particular for export,” the head of state said.

He referred to the opinion of experts who believe that agriculture and the food industry were less affected by the limitations of the coronavirus epidemic than other sectors of the economy, although there are still risks of plunging incomes and higher production costs.

“Now that the spring field work is in full swing, it is all the more important to support Russian farmers, labor teams, ensure the consistency of activities of farms and enterprises so that they have resources for the purchase of fuel and fertilizers as well as for the purchase and processing of raw materials. And of course, one should pay attention to the wages of employees,” Putin said. He stressed that “it concerns not only large enterprises and agricultural holdings, but, above all, small enterprises and farms.”

Original: TASS