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Putin says COVID-19 fatalities in Russia are much lower than in other countries

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin stated that the number of the coronavirus fatalities is several times lower than in other countries.

“According to one of the basic criteria of the effectiveness of our work – the mortality rate, – the situation looks good: in Russia per 100,000 of population the coronavirus fatalities are lower than in many other countries, including the European countries with the developed healthcare system,” the head of state said at the meeting of the council for strategic development and national projects.

Putin noted that “in Russia currently there are over 300,000 people tested daily, as of July 11 of this year, more than 170,377 specialized hospital slots are prepared with only 66% of them today used for the intended purpose.”

“Of course, this allowed us to begin a gradual transfer of the medical institutions mobilized – which we also managed to do rather quickly, – to the standard operating mode,” the president stated.

“The daily percentage of the detected cases of the disease in our country remains stable, and the number of those recovered grows,” the head of state emphasized.

According to him, “in relation with that, an overwhelming number of the subjects of the Russian Federation have started to lift the lockdowns and the anti-epidemic restrictions.”

“Yes, of course, the battle with this threat still continues, but the important thing is, we see the positive dynamics, now it is important to proceed with care, of course, according to the situation unfolding, and to continue the effort to overcome the damage caused by the epidemic to the economy and the social sphere,” Putin pointed out.


6,537 coronavirus cases were recorded in Russia in the past 24 hours, the total number of infected people has reached 733,699, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Monday.

According to the crisis center, the daily growth rate has not exceeded 0.9% for a week.

The lowest daily growth rates were recorded in the Chukotka Autonomous Region (0%), Moscow (0.3%), the Moscow Region (0.3%), North Ossetia (0.4%), the Karachay-Cherkessia Region (0.5%), Ingushetia (0.5%), Dagestan (0.5%), the Kaliningrad Region (0.5%) and Chechnya (0.5%).

Another 672 COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Moscow, 291 in St. Petersburg, 270 in the Khanty-Mansi Region, 235 in the Altai Region and 218 in the Sverdlovsk Region.

A total of 218,329 people are currently ill in Russia.

Header: A medical staff member in protective gear in the intensive care unit in the COVID-19 ward at a hospital of the RZD Medicine chain at Shosseinaya Street in south-east Moscow, during the pandemic of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Gavriil Grigorov/TASS

Source: TASS