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Putin’s disinfection tunnel conquers hearts worldwide: EU, Peru, and Israel now want same device

“Other countries, the European Union is now interested… We are now actively working on how we can certify this for the European market because the interest is high,” Izranova said.

She noted that Greece, Estonia and Spain showed interest in procuring the disinfection tunnels. Elsewhere in the world, Peru and Israel are also interested.

At present, the plant can sell its products to the countries of the Customs Union only, the official explained.

“We cooperate with Belarus and Kazakhstan, we can easily sell our products there, and for this, we have all the certificates,” she said.

According to Izranova, Motor Technologies has already received an order from Kazakhstan for the delivery of 30 disinfection tunnels.

She admitted that the reports about the installation of disinfection tunnels at Putin’s residence and in the Kremlin had increased the interest of potential buyers in this product.

Earlier in June, the government of the Penza region said that a special tunnel manufactured by Motor Technologies had been installed in the president’s official residence.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that a similar tunnel had also been set up in the Kremlin as an additional safety measure amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



Footage of the Russian invention shows the tunnel in which even his top security, defence and political officials must “take a shower” before being ushered into the Kremlin leader’s presence.

The concoction is said to be entirely safe for eyes, skin and breathing.

Olga Izranova, head of Motor Technologies Factory in Penza, explained: “The Russian president’s residence team got in touch with our management.

“The equipment had to be installed and set up as quickly as possible.”

She boasted that her company — which in non-crisis times makes cleaning equipment for industrial production lines — “managed to do it faster and better than foreign companies”.

She stated: “President Putin ordered the refocusing of enterprises on making products to tackle coronavirus infection.

“We not only fulfilled that task, but ensured the safety of Russia’s number one person and everyone who visits him.”

The spray contains Anolyte or natural electrolysed water, a disinfectant liquid solution, says the company which markets its sensor-activated spraying gadget under the brand name MIZOTTY.

The tunnel will later be used at airports, shopping malls, sports stadiums, hotels and hospitals, it is claimed.