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Quote of the day: Likud – ‘Coronavirus vaccine will be found before Gantz can form coalition without [Arab] Joint List’

The Likud party dismisses Blue and White leader Benny Gantz’s claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu is planning to spread false reports about the coronavirus during tomorrow’s elections to suppress turnout among Blue and White supporters.

“Gantz is talking nonsense. A vaccine for the coronavirus will be found before [Gantz] finds a way to form a government without [Arab Joint List MK] Ahmad Tibi. We’re a seat away from a victory that will prevent fourth elections or a dangerous government dependent on Tibi,” Likud writes on its Twitter account.

Blue and White chairmen Benny Gantz accuses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party of spreading fake reports about the coronavirus in a bid to suppress turnout on election day among Blue and White voters.

“This is exactly what Netanyahu intends to do tomorrow. He intends to disrupt election day, spread fake news in every area identified with Blue and White.”

Gantz was referring to reports that parts of a mall in the Tel Aviv suburb were closed due to suspicions someone was infected with the virus. In the last elections, 50.32 percent of votes cast in Givatayim went to Blue and White.

The Health Ministry said the man, who had returned to Israel from the US by way of Italy, reported not feeling well and that he was examined by medical personnel.

“There’s no hindrance to go to the mall in Givatayim and to continue [one’s] daily routine,” the ministry said in a statement. “The Health Ministry doesn’t put out statements on suspected [carriers of the virus] or those who were examined but only about verified cases.”

Gantz visited the mall after the reports.