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Raffaella Carra – A far l’amore comincia tu (1977)

“A far l’amore comincia tu” (“To Make Love Make the First Move” or more literally, “Start Making Love First”), known in Spanish as “En el amor todo es empezar”, in German as “Liebelei”, in French as “Puisque tu l’aimes dis le lui”, and in English as “Do It, Do It Again”.

  • It was originally released in 1976 on a single as the B-side to “Forte forte forte”, but in some editions/countries it was the A-side.

The song became a big national and international hit.

Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni (18 June 1943 – 5 July 2021), better known as Raffaella Carrà (Italian: [raffaˈɛlla karˈra]), was an Italian singer, dancer, television presenter and actress.

She was well-known in Europe and Latin America as a result of her many television shows and records.

Carrà revealed in a 1977 interview that she was openly communist.

She said: «I always vote communist. On a struggle between workers and businessmen, I’ll always be on the workers side».