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Random Language Poetry

Poetry rules are universal:
rhyme, rhythm, structure.
I pick a language which I absolutely don’t know. Then I choose my favorite book in this language. I listen to hundreds of random words from the book. At this stage, the meaning is still a mystery to me. I put words together to create a poem based what they sound like. You can feel poetry, and it has nothing to do with meaning. Take a look at the poem and read the translation. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s philosophical.
wenn wir unentbehrlichsten nicht aber suchen sondern sie besuchen drückt erfreulichsten fräulein wird stets trägt bier mit vollkommen besteht man überhaupt barbier nur zusammen weiterbesteht nicht auf ihn machte zumachte aufgeführt haben achthaben dass niemand dass eigentlich der jemand der flehentlich
based on
«Übermensch» by Friedrich Nietzsche
Literal translation
when we are indispensable but not looking but visit them expresses the most pleasing miss is always wearing beer with perfect barbier at all only together not because if him we were closed and listed no heed and nobody and actually someone pray
Some love added:
when we are indispensable and not looking but visit them to expresses our pleasing miss is always wearing beer with perfection and some barbier they are always together not on him were closing have listed heed that nobody is actually the someone to pray