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RDIF publishes official vaccination data from Hungary’s Health Ministry on Sputnik V’s Twitter account

1. The government of Hungary, the 1st EU country to start using Sputnik V, released its latest data on safety and efficacy across 5 vaccines. #SputnikV has the best safety (7-32 times fewer deaths cases) and efficacy (2-7 times fewer COVID infections) per 100,000 vaccinated.

Sputnik V demonstrates the best safety profile among other jabs in Hungary

  • Based on official data from the Government of Hungary after the 2nd shot between December 26th, 2020 and April 20th, 2021

2. The Hungarian data shows that Sputnik V has 20-32 times fewer death cases, 2-6 times fewer COVID-19 infection cases per 100,000 vaccinations than mRNA vaccines used in Hungary. Pfizer has x32 higher death rate, and x6 higher infection rate than Sputnik V.

3. This data confirms the April 22 statement by Hungary’s PM chief of staff Gergely Gulyás: “Sinopharm is better than Pfizer while #SputnikV is the best.” Also, based on this data Pfizer has x5 higher death rate than AstraZeneca.

Source and more details: PHARMIWEB