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Regrets, anyone?

So far, there has not been much, by way of surveys, about voters who chose Joe Biden, and whether they would do it again.

Among the 85 million who picked Biden, any regrets? Are they happy, or disappointed?

If The New York Times and the networks are any measure, the honeymoon is still ongoing. No complaints. Only praise. Biden can do no wrong.

In the Times, for example, you will find not a single editorial or op-ed critical of him. Of course, none dare. Ask Bari Weiss.

Nearly every headline is worshipful. Don’t blame Joe.

It is the media that can’t be trusted to provide us with a square accounting of Biden’s performance, warts and all.

Such an analysis would be helpful for we the people, and for Biden himself. Otherwise, how do we know what needs to be fixed?

Even in North Korea the leader gets approval only at 99.9. Just to make it appear legit. Can Biden be so absolutely perfect? He’d be the first.

To find out, let’s try a survey that would go something like this –

  • One: That Keystone XL Pipeline that brought Canadian energy into the United States, are you happy that Joe stopped the flow through his first executive order? This was one of many executive orders intended to cancel out Trump’s policies one by one. You saw this coming, and the thousands of jobs that were lost? Are you prepared for pain at the pump?
  • Two: But a pipeline from Russia into Germany, Biden okays. We lose, Russia wins. Or so it would appear. Is this satisfactory? Wasn’t it Trump who was supposed to be sweet on Russia?
  • Three: Should you wonder why Putin sends Biden back home with an A-plus report card, praising him to the skies?
  • Four: Does it make you feel good that this administration is doing everything it can to please the mullahs of Iran so far as the Nuke Deal? Some call it shameful groveling.
  • Five: Cozying up to Iran destabilizes the entire Middle East…Arabs as well as Israelis…so did this enter your mind when you cast your vote?
  • Six: Are you thrilled that under this administration, Palestinian Arab terror groups are being re-funded and therefore rearmed?
  • Incidentally, throughout the years, Biden has been a friend of the Jewish State. Pray that he may still be so, and manages to resist the hecklers of the Left, who have taken over his party.
  • Seven: Are you happy about the de-fund the police movement? Is this what you wanted? Have you considered who you would call when you need help at home or the highway?
  • Eight: Are you okay with your party’s proposed legislation that would let anybody vote, no ID required? Or should this sacred right be reserved for proven citizens only?
  • Nine: Are you pleased that the southern border is now open for everybody? This means criminals, drug traffickers…everybody! Are Kamala and Joe themselves the “root cause” of the invasion?
  • Ten: Are you familiar with Critical Race Theory? This teaches that all white people are oppressors and all black people are oppressed, and it is being taught to kids all across the country. The result is a climate of suspicion and a cycle of perpetual antagonism. Would you ever vote for something like this? Well, actually, you did.
  • Eleven: Is it okay that your 10-year-old daughter must share the same public bathroom with a man dressed as a woman?
  • Twelve. Do you feel safe and secure knowing that Kamala Harris is your vice president?

Did I miss anything?

Source: Jack Engelhard – Arutz Sheva