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Report: Top IDF commanders believe freeing hostages not compatible with goal of destroying Hamas

Senior Israel Defense Force commanders now believe that Israel’s two stated goals of destroying Hamas and freeing the hostages are not compatible, The New York Times reports.

  • Four senior commanders, speaking on condition of anonymity, tell the Times that “the dual objectives of freeing the hostages and destroying Hamas are now mutually incompatible.”

The report says it has reviewed Israeli battle plans from the start of the war and that the IDF is currently in control of a smaller part of the Strip than originally envisioned.

This slow progress has caused military leaders to express frustration with the political leadership “and led them to conclude that the freedom of more than 100 Israeli hostages still in Gaza can be secured only through diplomatic rather than military means,” the paper reports.

Asked to comment on the report, the Prime Minister’s office said: “The Prime Minister is leading the war on Hamas with unprecedented achievements in a very decisive manner.”

  • The IDF declines to comment.

Source: TOI