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Report: US quietly approved hundreds of sales of arms to Israel since October 7

The United States has quietly approved and delivered more than 100 separate foreign military sales to Israel since the Gaza war began October 7, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing comments made by US officials to members of Congress in a recent classified briefing.

The sales include thousands of precision-guided munitions, small diameter bombs, bunker busters, small arms and other lethal aid, according to the report.

  • The triple digit figure, which has not been previously reported, is the latest indication of Washington’s extensive involvement in the conflict.

Only two approved foreign military sales to Israel have been made public since the start of conflict: $106 million worth of tank ammunition and $147.5 million of components needed to make 155 mm shells.

Those sales invited public scrutiny because the Biden administration bypassed Congress to approve the packages by invoking an emergency authority.

  • In the case of the 100 other transactions, according to The Washington Post, the weapons transfers were processed without any public debate because each fell under a specific dollar amount that requires the executive branch to individually notify Congress.

The Israeli government did not immediately offer comment.

  • State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the Biden administration has “followed the procedures Congress itself has specified to keep members well-informed and regularly briefs members even when formal notification is not a legal requirement.”

He added that US officials have “engaged Congress” on arms transfers to Israel “more than 200 times” since Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel and the war which followed.

President Joe Biden has sought to approve a large package of aid to Israel, but Democrats and Republicans have clashed over the legislation.

Last month, the House of Representatives failed to approve a Republican-led bill that would have provided $17.6 billion to Israel.

  • Democrats have rejected the measure, saying they want a vote instead on a broader measure that would also provide assistance to Ukraine, international humanitarian funding and new money for border security.

Opponents called the Israel legislation that was rejected a political ploy by Republicans to distract from their opposition to a $118 billion Senate bill which combines an overhaul of US immigration policy and new funding for border security with billions of dollars in emergency aid for Ukraine, Israel and partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • The White House has urged members in both chambers of Congress to vote against the Senate bill and said President Biden would veto the measure if it reached his desk.

Source: Arutz Sheva