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Russia: A military doctor spoke about testing a vaccine against coronavirus

The participation of military virologists in the test of the vaccine from COVID-19 will significantly reduce the time for its creation, RIA Novosti, retired medical service colonel Boris Gergokov, retired medical officer.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense reported that tests of the vaccine from COVID-19 will be carried out at the 48th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Arrival of the first group of military volunteers in a medical facility for examination and preparation for the vaccine test experiment will take place on June 3.

“A clear military organization, great scientific potential, and the resources that the Ministry of Defense currently possesses will significantly reduce the time needed to create a vaccine against COVID-19. Military virologists are among the most qualified in Russia,” Gergokov said.

The expert recalled that Russian military doctors have recently been involved in the development of various medical technologies and vaccines, including the genetic engineering vaccines for Ebola fever, the Middle East respiratory syndrome and the universal influenza vaccine.