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Russia loses control over its ONLY Hubble-like telescope, but photos are still coming

Russia is now left with no space telescopes available as it is unclear whether the technical glitches can be fixed. The next replacement, the Spektr-M, will only become operational in the mid-2020s. The newest satellite is expected to be sent into space beyond the orbit of the moon.

Communication between mission control and the space telescope failed, and several other attempts to revive the radio link have proven unsuccessful.

Incredibly, the Spektr-R kept sending data back to Earth, however, which added a bit of intrigue to the incident.

Fitted with a 10-meter-wide mirror antenna, the Spektr-R is able to provide high-definition photographs and other data from the depth of the universe, while its electronic systems allow it to transmit around 100 gigabytes of information per day.

Notably, the Spektr’s expected lifespan expired in 2016 but it managed to continue its mission.


Source: RT